Lymph oedema


"I have been treated over the last four months for lymph oedema which I have had since an accident in 1998. Recently I had another accident which developed into cellulitis. After six months of no progress with several practitioners a friend referred me to the Hands On Clinic. The treatment of Manual Lymphatic Drainage has made a huge difference to my condition and the lymph oedema in my legs has reduced tremendously. Because of this treatment I have lost more than 25 kilos!! My legs have recovered from high sensitivity to touch, and I am able to properly exercise again. The results of Manual Lymphatic Drainage in combination with compression and decongestive exercise have made an enormous change in my life. To anyone with similar conditions I would truly recommend Hands On. You will certainly benefit from Manual Lymphatic Drainage."

Marilyn Meadows


"I had a fall of a mountain bike which left me with a bruised tibia. Going to physiotherapy helped me ease the pain and got me back on my feet. Six weeks on I still had serious swelling around the impact area. An appointment with a doctor at SportsMed led me to a referral to see Hans and his team for Manual Lymphatic Drainage.
The swelling in the impact area noticeably decreased each time I had an appointment. Not only did it reduce the swelling around the impact, the added benefit was, I now had a way of treating what I always thought of as fluid retention. I had ankles rather than "cankles" for the first time in years. One of the great things about this treatment is that Hans is now handing over the knowledge and skills that I need to be able to keep on top of this myself."

Suzanne Hunt




Venous circulation

"For as long as I can remember I have had circulation problems. More recently the symptoms have extended to leg swelling, soreness, hyper-sensitivity and general discomfort in my left leg. In the clinic, they have treated me several times now with Manual Lymphatic Drainage. The results have been immediate and relieving. This treatment works for me and I would confidently recommend it to people with similar vascular and circulation problems."
Lyndal M, Driver/Guide




Chronic pain

"After weeks of agonising pain with Bursitis in my left hip and two doctors unable to give me any relief at all. I came to the Hands On Clinic where they worked on me with Lymphatic Drainage and Ice treatment. After one session I felt an immediate improvement and now after sessions, I'm able to walk most times completely free of pain. It has saved my sanity in getting me back to normal. I would recommend Hands On and their fantastic service"
Fay Andreassend


“For several years I've had decreased kidney function, and have tried various body detoxes. After several treatments of Lymphatic Drainage, I have noticed an increase in energy levels, better sleep patterns, and an improvement in skin clarity. The team is very professional and committed to their work, with each treatment being completed to an exceptional standard and the clients best interest paramount. I recommend Lymphatic Drainage as a relaxing way to assist the body in its natural process of detoxification, resulting in a general sense of well-being."


"I came to try lymphatic drainage after a series of flare-ups with Crohns disease which left me in chronic pain and unable to work. I have now been receiving Manual Lymphatic Drainage for about three months. The pain that was part of my day to day life has eased and I have so much more energy which has helped me improve my quality of life immensely. I find the treatment very relaxing and professional and would definitely recommend it to anyone in a similar situation as myself."
A. Sloane, Fitness Instructor


"Lymphatic Drainage has helped me with the management of living with chronic pain, which resulted from a lower back injury. Whilst having the treatment, it is a great way to relax the body and also to know that the gentle therapy you are receiving is having beneficial effect on your body. Their ability to listen and give appropriate treatments has increased my overall general well being. I would recommend Lymphatic Drainage as a means to help manage chronic pain."
Helen F





"I starting having treatments with Hans at 33 weeks pregnant and continued up to 39 weeks, and will return once I have had a couple of weeks to recover from my labour. I started seeing Hans for treatments due to my excess swelling due to fluid retention with being pregnant, but never realised it would help other problems also and give me a greater sense of wellbeing.

I truly believe it has been a great benefit to myself and my baby having weekly sessions. I have found many benefits of having regular treatments. I have suffered chronic nasal problems all my life, and have found this has improved remarkably since having Lymphatic Drainage, also my skin has more colour, I feel lighter on my feet and my skin isn’t so tight around my legs where I have been retaining fluid even before falling pregnant. The results have been immediate and relieving.

Hans is very professional and makes you feel relaxed and cared for and I highly recommend his services to everyone especially pregnant women. You will notice the difference after just one session; I wish I had found Hans sooner."
Lisa Kent




Acute injuries

"Five weeks ago I sustained an extensive calf muscle tear after a skiing accident. My leg was seriously swollen with extensive bruising. The physiotherapist at SportsMed in ChCh suggested I see Hans for lymphatic drainage therapy in an attempt to reduce the swelling. I had never heard of lymphatic drainage therapy and was initially skeptical as the technique is very gentle. I was however most impressed with the results. The swelling in my leg subsided considerably after each treatment; in fact I could “hear” the gurgling sounds in my abdomen as my lymphatic system drained the fluids as Hans conducted the therapy. The subsidence in swelling allowed me to do the rehabilitation exercises more comfortably and as a result after just five sessions, in conjunction with physiotherapy, I am almost totally rehabilitated. I also received excellent information about compression stockings from Lejorben who works with Hans. I would highly recommend Lymphatic Drainage therapy to anyone who is experiencing swelling from fluid retention."
Diane Rudkin, Retired, very active 60 year old Grandmother




Sports recovery


"I am an elite Netball player at an international level. I have been seeing Hans for my recovery treatments, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Deep Tissue Massage. I first discovered MLD about six months ago in my off-season period. During that time my body was enduring very intensive training on a daily basis. I was finding that I simply wasn't recovering fast enough to perform at my physical best.
I was recommended by Hans to try MLD to clear my system faster and help drain any built up toxins in my body. I have experienced that I am physically more relaxed, recovered and alert whilst performing. It has also helped in a sense to prevent any possible injury, as my system is cleansing itself . I will continue to use MLD as a very important tool of my recovery; I will highly recommend it to any athlete that is searching for an edge in today's sporting arenas."

Larissa Willcox
Elite Netballer
New Zealand Silver Ferns


"During my lymphatic drainage sessions with Hans I feel relaxed and safe. I have found countless benefits of regular lymphatic drainage, these include:

  • Faster recovery from cardio and weight training
  • Less fluid underlying the skin, which is so important in body sculpting
  • More energy
  • Firmer healthier skin tone
  • A general feeling of feeling healthier and being “detoxed”

I recommend lymphatic drainage regularly to my clients due to its proven success."

Amanda Armitage
Les Mills Personal Trainer
Sports Med Massage Therapist
New Zealand Champion in Body Sculpting